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Using the Microsoft Teams CVI connector with a vanity domain

When deploying the SimplyVideo CVI (Cloud Video Interop) service for Microsoft Teams, there is a level of work required by you as the customer and us as a company in order to get things up and running. This guide is has been produced for your reference, but our team will also be working through this with you, as mentioned in your statement of works (SOW).

Customer configuration process

You need to setup a new subscription within your O365 tenant
Then provide SimplyVideo with a global admin account to this subscription (access requirements below) *The account access will have been agreed as part of your SOW
You need to create virtual azure server resource in the O365 tenant
Ensure all required network dependencies met –
Ensure all SimplyVideo firewall provisions met –
Ensure all supported endpoints are provisioned (Poly, Polycom, Cisco, Tandberg, Lifesize etc.).

Some of the below steps require Powershell in order to be run. We're here to help you though this, but there is also a useful guide from Microsoft here

Upon supply of the CVI

The following tasks will be run jointly between ourselves and you. We will advise when these are to be implemented. Please note that at various points in the workflow, there will be wait points of between 24-72 hours to allow for DNS and Microsoft replication.

First configure DNS, CNAME, SRV & A records as required
Authorise SimplyVideo CVI to access Microsoft Teams Meetings go to and then follow the prompts in the consent wizard to authorise the app
If the tenant you are logged in with is the tenant you will provide consent for, just select initiate the consent for your tenant. If you have admin access for another tenant, you can specify an alternative tenant instead.
You are asked to confirm the account. This must be an account with the Global Administrator role, to be able to grant the necessary consent.
The permissions of the SimplyVideo Teams Connector are listed, these are required permissions.
When admin consent is successfully granted, the success page is displayed.

The following steps allow you to configure dial instructions in your tenant once advised by us

Go to and download SkypeOnlinePowerShell.Exe.
Go to your download folder and run SkypeOnlinePowerShell.Exe.

Please note: The installation may fail if you do not have a compatible version of Microsoft Visual C++. The latest versions of Microsoft Visual C++ are available at

Agree to the terms and install the module.
Start a PowerShell session (as administrator) and run the following commands, where <tenant_name> needs to be the domain for your tenant:

Import-Module SkypeOnlineConnector
$sfbSession = New-CsOnlineSession -OverrideAdminDomain "<tenant_name>"
Login with a Global Administrator username and password
Import-PSSession $sfbSession

Run the following command (as one string) Copy/Paste – case sensitive
Grant interoperability for the users in your tenant. To grant interoperability for all users:

Grant-CsTeamsVideoInteropServicePolicy -PolicyName PexipServiceProviderEnabled -Global or to give to specific users
Grant-CsTeamsVideoInteropServicePolicy -PolicyName PexipServiceProviderEnabled -<username>

Then repeat as necessary

Updated on: 13/01/2022