Hey, first of all thank you for signing up, we are really happy to have you onboard... 🙌

Once you've signed up you will be landed on your user dashboard, from there you have the ability to host or schedule a meeting straight away.

You can;

Host a meeting in your personal room
Schedule a call for later in your personal room or in a room with a random id (random is great if you only want to use the room once as you don't want to hand out your personal room id)

But if we are talking about getting a call face to face fast then follow the below;

Click "host now"
You will be whisked to your personal room set up screen
Here you can send out your meeting link to guess quickly - just copy and paste the link on this screen, it will look like https://simply.video/myroom
then test your setting & Simply join your call. 😃

Here is a video to show you if you have a little time:- https://youtu.be/LijBUrors6E
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