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Scheduling your first meeting

Scheduling your first meeting

SimplyVideo has an easy-to-use scheduler built-in. This will allow you to create a scheduled meeting, and from there you can invite your guests using any of the following methods:

Copy a link to it
Create an ICS file (for Outlook and Apple Calendar)
Create a gCal link (for Google Calendar).

The screenshot below shows how easy it is to set everything up.

When creating your meeting, by default we will generate a random unique conference code, which will look like this:

If you’re scheduling an internal meeting or you only have trusted parties in the call, you can check the ‘Use Personal Room’ box. This means that if you have named your room in settings, the link will look something like:

Click ‘Save’ when you’re done and you’ll move to the following screen where you can invite your guests.

Open in Gcal will create the meeting as an event in your Google Calendar

Download ICS will generate a file that can be opened in your Outlook or Apple calendar

Copy Text Invite will copy all of the meeting information directly to the clipboard

Copy URL will just copy the URL to your clipboard.

Select ‘Done’ when you’re done.

All your scheduled meetings will show in your Simply planner, as you can see below.

Updated on: 14/01/2022