Which hard hats are supported?

RealWear offers clips for 5 hard hat models:

Pre Supplied Clips

Reference designs (for 3D printed clips) are available

3D Clips

Which clips do you order with which hat?

Hats & Clips

My hard hat isn't listed?

Switch to a supported hard hat until custom clips for your preferred hard hat are available.

Evaluating clip compatibility with non-supported hard hats may take several months.
We recommend having supported hard hats and clips on hand before your project begins to avoid any potential
deployment delays.

The MSA V-Gard® Protective Cap is widely available, and can also be purchased directly from RealWear.
Contact us for custom clips

As a quick yet functional solution, secure with zip ties or wear the hard hat over a Tri-Band Strap

Users must ensure attachments do not impede or compromise the safety, integrity, or fit of the hard hat.

Custom clips are available with the pre-purchase of 500 3-pair packs, which supports a 1K HMT deployment.

Allow 2-3 months for custom clips.

While custom clips are in progress, we still recommend having supported hard hats and clips on hand for any pre-deployment trials.

Reference clip designs are also available here for customers who wish to customize and/or produce clips themselves.

Not all hard hats can be worn with the HMT – some have profiles that prevent proper positioning of the HMT-1. In those cases, switch to a supported hard hat.
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