The Realwear Headset is a cross-reality (XR) device that allows hands-free operation of the SimplyVideo platform using voice commands.

**Welcome Page**

Similarly to the mobile app, the Realwear Headset can be used by both guests and SimplyVideo members. Say Show Help to show all commands at any time.

Saying Link Account will launch the camera and allow you to scan a QR code. Your account’s unique QR code can be found under your profile settings on the SimplyVideo web app, or via the mobile app as described in the previous section. Similarly, you can join a new meeting without an account by scanning a QR code generated by the web app (displayed when choosing a name) or via the mobile app.

Once logged in, you are able to join either your own personal meeting, or join a new meeting by scanning a QR code in a similar fashion to the linking-account process. Removing an account completely deletes the login details from the Realwear Headset.

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