The Realwear Headset is a cross-reality (XR) device that allows hands-free operation of the SimplyVideo platform using voice commands. It’s an absolutely fantastic way in which to use SimplyVideo as it allows the other participants to see what you’re looking at - which is obviously incredibly handy for a whopping amount of applications.

In a similar manner to the mobile app, the Realwear Headset can be used by both guests and fully-fledged SimplyVideo members to join meetings.

The Realwear Headset operates using its built-in screen in conjunction with the mobile app.

Let’s have a quick run through as to how it all works.

####Welcome Page

First things first, you’ll be greeted by a pretty neat and simple interface as seen below:

As you can see, it’s straight-forward stuff. You can access any of the available options by simply reading said option aloud.

Say “Show Help” to show all commands at any time.

Link Account
Saying “Link Account” will launch the camera and allow you to scan your account’s QR code under your profile settings on the SimplyVideo web app, or via the mobile app as described in the Mobile App section. As you can gather, this will pair the device with your account.

Join New Meeting
Alternatively, you can join a new meeting that someone else is hosting right away - and you don’t need to have an account to do this. Simply utter the words “Join new meeting”, scan a QR code that’s been generated by the web app (the code is displayed when choosing a name) or via the mobile app, and you’re cooking on gas.

Further options once linked to an account
If you chose to link it to your account, you’ll move to another screen with more options.

Join Personal Meeting
Here, you can join your own personal meeting. Share the details with participants using the web app or mobile app.

Join New Meeting
This works in the same way as outlined previously. Just scan the relevant QR code.

Remove Account
Saying “Remove account” completely deletes the login details from the Realwear Headset.

It’s really that simple. Should you get stuck, feel free to give us a shout. We’re always happy to hear your thoughts on how we can improve things.
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