Does your screen look like this after 2 or 3 mins of sharing a presentation?

Work around:- Use a non Chrome based browser to join the call (all users):- Specifically Firefox or Safari (browsers such as Edge & Brave are Chrome based)

A software Patch will be implemented before 10th Feb 2021

A full fix will be deployed during March 2021

VP8 Issue

Actual issue - Simply put

The Latest Chrome updates have caused a couple of issues which you see when receiving a presentation, We have identified the solution and are working hard to fix this.

Actual issue - More technical

There have been some changes in the newer versions of Chrome regarding VP8 packet loss concealment.

We are scheduling the issue of a patch to switch to H.264 for presentation this is due imminently in an emergency change window, we are running this in Development first to ensure no other issues have been created. We expect a full fix to be deployed within the next 4 - 5 Weeks.
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