Bandwidth is king!

If you are experiencing poor Video quality when in a call this is almost always bandwidth.

With 4G you can easily tell if your signal is low, no matter if you are tethering off your smart phone or using the ZTE Dongle.

Check your signal level meter on your phone (usually top right)
If you are Using the ZTE 4G dongle say "navigate home" and look top right, there is a signal meter there, also look on the Dongle, is the LED Red or Green? this is signal issues

This can also be a result of being too far away from the Access point/router.

We have built some tools into our software to limit the bandwidth which should help this.

Say "my programs" then "SimplyVideo" you will see this:-

Home page

Say "Settings"


Say "Call Quality" followed by Lowest, Low, Medium or Best.
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