We built simply to give you the best possible video and the lowest bandwidth, but sometimes we all have a little internet trouble, sadly we have not quite worked out how to tell you internet provider to do better.

Our minimum Bandwidth for a SD call is 1Mbps Up & down (up and down is important as we send video to and from your device)

We recommended Bandwidth of 2Mbps to give you 720p HD 2.8Mbps to give a super awesome 1080p Full HD call 💯

Simply Video uses the Cisco QoS baseline as a basis for video traffic.  

Now for some super techie stuff.....🕹

It is best practice to ensure QoS is implemented across your LAN/any WAN links to your perimeter, this will protect against network congestion and ensure your video traffic makes it to your network perimeter/ISP in the best possible way.  

Once off your network, most major commercial ISP’s will not strip these markings and give you a reasonable endeavours service on them to their perimeter (unless QoS bandwidth is purchased.) 

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