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Network requirements

We've built SimplyVideo to give you the best possible video and the lowest bandwidth. Having said that, sometimes there are elements that are beyond our control. Everyone has a little Internet trouble, and while we’d love to snap our fingers and fix any such issues, we’ve not quite worked out how to tell your Internet Service Provider to do better.

Our minimum bandwidth for a SD call is 1Mbps - Upload and Download (with SimplyVideo, you receive and send video so both are needed). 

We recommend a bandwidth of:
2Mbps Up & Down to give you 720p HD
2.8Mbps Up & Down to give a 1080p Full HD call

SimplyVideo uses the Cisco QoS baseline as a basis for video traffic.  

And if the bandwidth info just wasn’t techie enough for you...
It’s best practice to ensure QoS is implemented across your LAN / any WAN links to your perimeter. This will protect against network congestion and ensure your video traffic makes it to your network perimeter / ISP in the best, most efficient way possible.  

Once off your network, most major commercial ISPs will not strip these markings and will give you a reasonable endeavours service on them to their perimeter (unless QoS bandwidth is purchased.) 

Updated on: 14/01/2022