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Mobile app

SimplyVideo for Android and iOS

SimplyVideo is now available on mobile and it has all the rich features of the web platform.

How to guide

Download the app from the relevant app store:


Once downloaded, you can sign in (if previously registered) or register in the app.
Manage Profile

See your login information as well as your personal meeting ID.

Adjust the quality of the call. 

Best – large bandwidth, high quality – best with stable connections over 1mb/s.
High – high bandwidth, good quality.
Medium – medium bandwidth, medium quality.
Low – best for low bandwidth environments.
Link Device

After confirming your password, you’re presented with a QR code which you can scan into the accompanying headset app to connect the device to the account.
Generate QR code

Displays a QR code the headset app can use to join the call.

Companion Call

Will put the mobile device into the call, with audio disabled. This is a feature and enables you to use the mobile app to present a different field of view without having the audio feedback.

Hosting a Meeting

Enter the meeting ID in the home screen followed by the host PIN if there is one.
Once the details of the meeting are entered you’re presented a choice, to join the call, generate a QR code or generate a ‘companion call’.
In a call

Once in a call you’re presented with the video the screen, here you can see other people and devices and have a conversation.
In call options

Mute microphone
Mute camera
End call
Flip camera view
Hamburger menu
Open chat
View participant list and controls
Change room settings


Send text messages to the other participants in the chat.

Participant list

Mute guests, spotlight guests and disconnect guests.


Using the invite button you can:
Send email invites to invite participants to the call
Dial out to a SIP or H.323 participant or endpoint.

Live Stream

Live stream from your video room by entering the stream details from your favourite platform.
Room Settings

Alter the call layout to a different view
Lock or unlock the room
Start a recording of the video room.

Updated on: 13/01/2022