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Meeting room controls

Controlling your meeting room is easy.

Standard controls
All of the in-call controls are found at the bottom of the window. If you don't see them, give your cursor a wiggle, they might just be hiding.

Mic on/off toggle
Camera on/off toggle
Enable/disable screen share.
Start recording
Lock the meeting room* (anyone attempting to join will waiting the lobby until you let them in. You'll know they're waiting from the knocking sound).
End call
Invite participants*
Show keypad

These functions are only available if you’re the host. If you want to allow somebody else this functionality, you’ll need to select the name of that participant and select ‘Set to Host’.

Full Screen

Show participants
During a presentation, a new icon will appear allowing you to switch back to a participant view.

Sidebar controls
In the sidebar, you’ll find further controls. These will vary depending on your access rights as a host or a guest, but will generally allow you the functionality outlined below. Please note: the screen icon displayed alongside a participant indicates who’s sharing their screen.

Click / tap on the participant’s name to expand the controls for that user.

Set to Host makes this participant the new host, allowing you to leave the call / meeting.

Mute allows the host to mute or unmute the participant. This is a local setting to the call / meeting - you can’t unmute somebody if they’ve muted their device.

Spotlight fixes the view to this participant, putting them front and centre for everyone rather than switching between whoever is speaking. Voice switching is overridden for devices such as RealWear and Magic Leap.

Disconnect will remove the participant from the meeting.

If you have any questions relating to in-call controls that we’ve not covered here, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Updated on: 14/01/2022