SimplyVideo supports joining from multiple platforms including Zoom and many more.

*In order to join a call you must have a Zoom CRC licence applied to your account. You can add this in the Zoom online interface if you buy directly or can be added by an admin on your business or corporate account.

Once your account has a CRC account in place you will be able to dial into SimplyVideo calls.

Here's a handy video on the steps you need to take or follow the steps. below;

Step 1:

Head to your acccount at and log in to you account

Step 2:

Head to the settings tab, once there you need to turn off "Require a passcode for instant meetings", this is so when you enter a Simply Video call you don't need a pin code.

Step 3:

Click on "host a meeting"

Step 4:

Join your Zoom call as you normally would (we've used the browser in this demo)

Step 5:

Select your audio device

Step 6:

Click on the "manage Participants" button at the bottom of the page

Step 7:

This will open your side bar, from there click on the "invite" button which will open a pop up section

Step 8:

Within the invite popup select "Room System" & "Call out" - (Remember you will need an active Zoom CRC connector for this feature to be enabled in your room)

Add your simplyVideo meeting id here. It's important to use the following format when dialling in [email protected] (our web links are the other way around 😃 )

You should then be connected to the SimplyVideo call 🤙