During your call you will need to control several things, so we have made this as straight forward as possible.

Here is a video to guide you, or keep reading on :- https://youtu.be/rjiy32TCrZo

When you first join, your controls will look like this:-

Let's start with the most commonly used controls at the bottom of the window, If you can't see these wiggle your mouse as the disappear after a few seconds so they aren't in the way.

Please note only hosts that are logged in can start or access call recordings, no other user set to host or guest can activate a recording 😃

If you look top right, you will have this symbol, click on this and your video window will go full screen in wonderful HD quality (if you r bandwidth allows).

Whilst in a call with participants, if someone is sharing their screen, you will see this symbol in the bottom control bar;

Clicking this enables you to switch between full screen presentation and full screen view of everyone in the call

In the sidebar we have conbtrols for users and guests, these vary depending on your access rights as a host or guest, but allow you to control the following;

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