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How to create new users

Once you’ve set up SimplyVideo, you can start adding members of your team.

For full features you need two people in the organisation with a Business Licence. All other users can have any other licence and you’ll still get the full range of features available. Remember though that the Free Licence will limit your calls to 20 minutes.

Please note that only people that are creating and scheduling meetings need a licence - other attendees don't need one.

Your licence dashboard can be found in Admin > User Management

Here, you can see the licences in use within your organisation, as well as the button to create a new user. Please note that this will only be visible if you’re an Admin.

Creating a new user
Type in the user’s email, select the licence type, and hit ‘Add user’. You will then see the invite pending waiting for the user to sign up.

Once the user has signed up, you will then be able to purchase any additional add-ons required.

Available add-ons are as follows. Prices are per month:

24h Storage for Recordings (included)
This allows the user to record any call, then store, watch, and download for 24 hours. This one is absolutely free, compliments of SimplyVideo.

100GB Storage for Recordings - £28.00
This allows you to store up to 100GB of HD video that you record from any call. You can watch and download this content wherever and whenever you want to.

500GB Storage for Recordings - £65.00
As above, but with five times the amount of space.

Audio dial in via phone - £12.00
This allows you to join calls via your phone.

Video Device Gateway - £39.00
This add-on allows any SIP or H.323 device (such as your video conferencing system) to join your meetings in the browser.

These add-ons are per each individual licence. Activating them will automatically charge the default payment method until they’re cancelled.

Updated on: 14/01/2022