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Host and Guest PINs

You can set up PINs to grant access to meetings. The Host PIN will allow you to join scheduled meetings as the host. The Guest PIN allows guests to join. Simple.

You can view PINs by logging in, selecting the Dashboard icon, then selecting ‘Settings’. You’ll find the relevant information in the ‘Meeting Settings’ section.

Host PIN
The Host PIN is populated in your settings by default. You can change the host PIN by selecting ‘Edit’. Remember that this is your PIN, so don’t go sharing it with anyone unless you want them to have hosting controls of a meeting.

Guest PIN
We've given you the option to add a Guest PIN. So, in addition to having automatic conference locking and a Host PIN, you can have a further layer of security to prevent unwanted guests from even entering the lobby.

Room locking
If ‘Lock Meeting Rooms by Default’ is selected, it means that once you join a call as host, your room locks automatically. You’re then asked if you want to admit participants - even if they have a PIN. This gives you yet another layer of security to your meetings. Think of it this way - even if your name is on the list, you still have to show your ID to get into the club.

Updated on: 14/01/2022