Because we have made Simply Video as secure as possible your IT/Security team will be required to update some rules and settings on your Enterprise network.

For corporate firewalls you may need to make some small changes to security settings to let our service interact with your device behind the businesses that firewall.
To do this we have created a list of port changes, IP addresses that need whitelisting and other key details.

Home or remote users
Now for most home broadband you should be completely fine, but that said sometimes you might need to make a few changes, Virgin Media is one of those cases and usually requires some assistance from their technical support. Please see the documentation in the FAQ's section.

Should you or your team need help with this then reach out to our team who will be happy to help out ✌️

IP Based Firewall rules

The Most upto date version of our IP based Rules are :-

DNS Based rules are coming Q3 2021