Deleting your account

We like our users. You’re all cool, friendly people with exquisite dress sense. Naturally then, we don’t want to see anyone go but in the unlikely event you need to delete your account, we’ve made this remarkably Simple too.

A note of caution - this is irreversible. If you do choose to sign up again, we’ll welcome you back with open arms, but you will need to reapply any personal or branding customisations from scratch. Don’t say we haven’t warned you.
If you’re still certain, follow the following steps:

Log into your dashboard and select Personal > Settings.

Once there, select ‘Delete account’ on the bottom right of the screen.
You will be asked to enter your password, do that and then select ‘Delete account’ again to complete the heartbreaking process.

We hope to see you back around these parts soon!
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