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Call Group Options AKA 'Activate Help' feature

If you use our platform with an XR device (RealWear, Vuzix etc), you may at some point need to get help from a member of your organisation. We've made this process even easier - you can now do this directly from the device simply by uttering the magic words, Activate Help.

If you have the XR add-on on your account, you will now see a new section under settings named CALL GROUP OPTIONS:

Within this option block, you are able to set up to five individuals you would like to send emails to, and one video endpoint that you would like automatically called.

These two pathways work as follows:

For both, you can either trigger this feature from within your room, if you are already in a conference. Or you can trigger it from the homepage of our application, at which point you will automatically be placed into your room ready to receive the help you requested.

Please note: you must be logged in for this feature to work, if you are not logged in the voice command will have no effect


When you trigger the feature from your headset, email invites are sent to the email addresses you have specified, these invites indicate that you have requested assistance. This will give them a button with a direct link to your personal room.

Auto dial

When you trigger the feature and have this enabled, the endpoint address you have specified will automatically be called from your personal room. You can use this to dial another room of a colleague or a conferencing endpoint within or external to your business. The choice is yours.


If you have enabled a feature (either emails, dial out or both) but have not specified the correct data, the feature will not work. Your headset will present you with the relevant errors and tell you why it was not successful.

We cannot guarantee that the endpoint that you specify for automatic dialling will be available. If the endpoint is not being dialled, we recommend that you check that you have inputted it correctly.

Updated on: 20/01/2022