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We've created an annotation feature that allows you to capture an image of a participant's camera feed, and annotate over it.

Here's a video that outlines how easy it is to use:

With our suite of tools, colour choices, and line thickness adjustment, you'll be able to highlight exactly what the user needs to be looking at.

Starting an annotation session:

As a host, you can click on a participant's name in a call and select Annotate Participant. This will take you through a flow to begin the annotation session:

First you must select the image that you wish to annotate

Use the camera button at the bottom to take a screenshot of the video feed

You are then presented with a preview that you can either accept or reject. If you reject you are able to take another as above. You can exit out of this flow at any time using the red cross in the top right corner

After you accept, you will be presented with your browser's screensharing source selection.

For best results we recommend sharing the call tab as this will give the best view to the remote user. However if you are unable to do that then sharing your entire screen will also work, we recommend ensuring that your browser window is maximised if you use this method.

Using the annotation system

Here is an example session:


On the right hand side you will see the toolset you have available.

These tools are in order top to bottom:
Free flow line tool
Rectangle tool
Ellipse tool
Arrow tool
Line colour selection
Line thickness selection

Selecting a line colour
If you click the palette icon, you are given a number of colour choices. All icons will be updated to the colour you select

Selecting line thickness
If you click the line settings icon, you are presented with the line thickness slider. By default this is set to 5. You can click and drag the slider or click near the size you want to skip larger steps

Undo, redo and clear canvas
If you wish to undo an draw action, you can click the top icon and it will be removed. The middle icon will redo the last action you undid. Finally the bin icon allows you to clear the entire canvas and start fresh. This action is not reversible

Exiting the session
You can exit the session at any time by clicking the red cross in the top right.

Updated on: 20/01/2022