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Adjusting the RealWear HMT to fit your head

It's essential for comfort and safety that the Realwear HMT models are worn properly for peak performance and maintaining situational awareness at all times.

Turning the HMT on

Press the silver power button on the boom arm side of the device. Hold the button for 3 seconds before releasing. The HMT will start and you’ll hear a chime to confirm device power on.

Positioning the device

To have the optimal experience when using the HMT, it’s important to have the device placed correctly on you head. Follow the below the steps below:

Please note: Everyone’s vision is different. These are general instructions for first fitting. It’s important to adjust to fit yourself after, this is designed to use with glasses, safety googles, visors, and masks, but the adjustment will be different. The main things that need to happen is that the top pivot is pointing backwards and the display isn't obscuring your vision all the time.

Ensure the HMT is sat in the neutral position

Place the HMT on your head, making sure that the HMT frame is at a right angle to your ears, going across the middle of the back of your head. The camera should be level with your eye-line

Move the display pod into the centre of your vision

Ensure the display pod is a few centimetres in front of your eye and sits just below your view when you look straight ahead. The pod should sit a finger’s width off the cheekbone, angle the display pod upwards so that you can see the display clearly

Once this is done, adjust the display Pod until all four corners of the display are visible with no blurring. If you are wearing PPE, adjust the boom arm to accommodate it.

Updated on: 12/01/2022